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" The Brazilian Buttock Augmentation is a safe procedure , where we received here in Tijuana, Mexico patient of several places of the world that you/they dream about a clang more led with a harmonicer format. "

How is a BBA performed? And where will my fat be extracted from?

For me, the most important place to take the fat from is the lower back because I like to shape the top part of the butt. We also take it from the flanks, the abdomen, and the inner thighs. It just really depends onhow much fat your have and what I'm doing.

Buttock Augmentation

Why would I get a BBA instead of butt implants?

The main deciding factor between getting a BBA, a fat grafting procedure, or implants is how much fat you have to work with. I particularly like to do the BBA over butt implants, because the complication rate is lower and most people need liposuction at the same time in order to shape their butt. Even if you're only getting butt implants, you're probably still going to need liposuction to create the right silhouette. I personally like using fat better. It shapes well, can put specifically in the areas that need it, and also helps create hips. I only consider butt implants for patients who have no fat on their body and cannot gain weight. 

Brazilian Buttocks augmentation 

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular surgical procedure where a surgeon takes fat from one part of your body, through liposuction, and injects it into your booty.

Brazilian Butt Augmentation which is sometimes referred to as a Brazilian Butt Lift, is a natural augmentation of the buttocks through liposculpturing to sculpturing out the most aesthetically pleasing buttocks and taking that fat from the procedure, purifying it and then injecting it into the buttocks to give you that beach ready, natural augmentation of the buttocks. Brazilian Butts are one of a kind, they are simply irresistible. Brazilian Butt Augmentation is performed by us like no other.